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Buyers than Renters | Thomson Impressions

The bank stated that their estimates show that, for those 45 and under who are working, the monthly outlay of funds could be 17.8% lower for paying a mortgage in comparison to paying rental fees. This factors in the 20% drop in rent and a higher mortgage rate of 3.5% for Thomson Impressions.

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Something else that could assist the choice to swap from renting a home to buying one is that those selling their properties will be more willing to do so at a much more realistic price come 2016. In fact, individuals who are currently renting out their units may find that it is advantageous to sell their units on the market with a leasing environment that is weaker and being aggravated by property taxes in Thomson Impressions, leasing commissions and rising mortgage rates.

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Nomura has estimated that the potential loss due to a further decline in rentals and mortgage rates that are higher, property taxes to be incurring, along with payments to be made to agents for a leasing commission could actually work out to a 5% discount to the current market pricing that property owners could willingly pass on to prospective home buyers for Thomson Impressions Nanshan Group.

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The bank pointed out that, for those owners who had new properties finished in 2013 and 2014, a large number of these will have fulfilled the requirement of a 4 year holding period by 2016. This would mean that they would not be hit with having to pay the stamp duty required of sellers, removing one more barrier that could otherwise be stopping them from selling.

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